Confidential Exclusive

Private or Small Group Yoga Sessions are uniquely tailored to provide industry leading quality and service. Our certified professional instructors are dedicated to meeting our clients at preferred locations and times. The Yogi DR™ seeks to meet you where you are to best enhance and enrich your journey.

to Excellence

The Yogi DR™ is dedicated to aiding patients, yoga practitioners, and corporations by developing strength, balance and awareness. My personal goal is to reach as many individuals as possible and help them rediscover their mind, body, and spirit through the art and practice of yoga.

Quality of Life

Chronic pain, pre/post surgical stress and movement limitations often result in a reduced quality of life. The Yogi DR™ starts with where you are at, helps you set realistic goals, and acts as a catalyst for you to achieve the goals through a systematic process of stretching, breathing, and developing a higher sense of self-awareness.


The Yogi DR™ recognizes the need for corporations to have well balanced Health and Wellness Programs to include both fitness and nutrition. The Yogi DR™ teams up with medical professionals, dieticians, and nutrisionists to tailor the Health and Wellness Program your company needs.